Rhonda is one of the few teachers I have met that really retains the idea of really enjoying the act of playing piano inside or outside of a lesson. It is refreshing to experience a teacher who is as excited to teach as she is to learn. Combining both technique and enthusiasm she manages to make each lesson a journey towards expression and perfection from the beginner to the advanced student! Her “piano lab” makes me feel at home in the day and age of MIDI and able-ton live. I only wish that I could meet more people that were this enthusiastic about the art of playing piano…

Allan L.

My 11-year old daughter has learned much more than I would have imagined after only a couple of lessons. Ms. Gerhart is extremely patient, encouraging and engaging. The studio atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming. My daughter is having fun and is genuinely excited about learning—-that’s what matters most!

Yvonne M.