took lessons with Noteably Fun piano studio since I was a child until I went off to college. Miss Ronda is an incredible teacher her methods helped me develop my skills to heights I never thought possible!

Gina B.

I am so excited about switching teachers. I truly believe music is an essential element of education both academically & socially. My daughter Zoe (8yrs old) has been taking lessons for 3 years but not making much progress & piano was becoming a chore, exactly what I did not want. We have been working with Ronda 6 weeks now & Zoe has made more progress in that time than since she began. Ronda is not only teaching her piano but music. The studio is a fantasyland of musical instruments, books & games for children & adults to explore. Ronda uses them all to help us understand that music translates into many many forms. Now when we ask Zoe to put away the ipad or turn off the TV there is no argument, she sits down at the piano to practice or figure out a new song & family evenings are what they should be; All of us gathered around the piano singing & laughing. I can’t thank Ronda enough for this beautiful gift & if it isn’t completely obvious yet will recommend her to anyhow who is even thinking about music lessons for themselves or their children.

Mercedes C.